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Static IP with NetworkManager

Couple of days ago I had to configure a static IP on the Orange PI wifi interface. Had to use cli, since it is running as a server and there’s no need for a graphical interface. Below is the bash script I made:


CONN="conn_name" # Enter connection name
SSID="myessid" # Define WIFI SSID
IP="" # Enter IP, example ""
GW="" # Enter gateway
DNS="," # Define DNS servers

nmcli dev wifi list
echo "Adding wifi ${CONN} to SSID ${SSID}."
nmcli connection add type wifi con-name ${CONN} ifname wlan0 ssid ${SSID}
echo "Configuring ${CONN} IP, GW and DNS."
nmcli connection modify ${CONN} ipv4.method manual ipv4.addresses ${IP} ipv4.gateway ${GW} ipv4.dns ${DNS}
echo "Configuring wifi security."
nmcli connection modify ${CONN} wifi-sec.key-mgmt wpa-psk
read -s -p "Enter wifi password: " PASSWORD
nmcli connection modify ${CONN} wifi-sec.psk  ${PASSWORD}
echo "Bringing up connection ${CONN}."
nmcli connection up ${CONN} 

Here are some resources I used:

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