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Spain wins the World Cup

So Spain makes it to the front page of the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. It’s a consequence of winning the Football World Cup. Guess the only thing left to say is congratulations.

I personally liked the football they made. For me the critical match was the one against Germany. Watching how the germans defeated “the boludos” was scary. At that moment for me Germany was a clear candidate for the World Cup. But Spain made a hell of a game against the germans. They kept the ball and gave almost no opportunities for the germans to score.

I was also afraid before the beginning of the final. The game hadn’t even started and Spain was already champion. Sounded to me like Maracanazo or Centenariazo.

The referee was pitiful. De Jong should have been off the pitch after the kick he gave to Xavi Alonso. Looks like the dutch were not willing to deploy total football, but more total karate. It was the referees responsibility to stop this and it was quite clear he didn’t.

I would like to mention the coach Vicente del Bosque. I feel amazed at how he keeps a low profile. He looks like the same person whether he wins, loses or ties. Looks like nothing moves him, always has the right word, not a bad word about the rivals. I wouldn’t say he is politically correct, but really humble. We all should learn a little from him.

Twenty per cent unemployment, a old job market, a fiscal deficit of around ten per cent, a failed economic model among other things are the problems the Spanish state faces. Really tough problems, no doubt about it. Let the spaniards celebrate today. They are already facing really tough problems. They needed something to cheer them up.

Wall Street and the World Cup

I was walking through Wall St. this morning and couldn’t help but notice that they had replaced some of the american flags with the flags of the FIFA World Cup finalist.

NY Stock Exchange

Good to know the NY Stock Exchange is not only about money and profits. The Dow Jones index has been going up for three straight days, let’s see how it opens up on Monday after a new World Cup champion.

Goodbye Maradona! Don’t come back

And yes. Maradona is gone. After losing to Germany four to zero he and the Argentinians have to hit the road and go back home.

I personally enjoyed each and every single one of Germany goals. Each of the them was like a slap in Maradonas face. Maradona was not able to move the bench properly, his team was a broken one, there was no midfield. Muller got to laugh on the first goal after Maradona refused to share the stage with him in a friendly match in Germany. On the third goal Schweinsteiger took the ball to the kitchen and then passed it for Friedrich to score. Take into account that the argentinian defense was formed by Higuian, Pastore and DiMaria. This goal was scored by the german central defender. This shows Maradona was a good player, but is not a coach and he certainly has a big mouth. He had no capacity to make the proper changes during the match.

Here is a small video of the match. It’s in spanish, but goals are a universal language.

By the way, happy Fourth!

World Cup 2010

Yes, we have another World Cup going on. I think asides from Germany playing Australia there has been no interesting match so far. It is true that this just got started and Brazil and Spain haven’t played yet. But I was expecting something more. We will see how this goes on.

People are really living this World Cup in NYC. I was at Nevada Smith this Sunday watching Germany and I must admit the ambiance was spectacular. People from a bunch of different origins watching the game. “Ghana is going to beat Germany” said one girl, not quite I think. Pictured below is a picture from Nevada Smith on Sunday right after the game ended.

Nevada Smith

There is this annoying noise from the bubuzelas. You are watching the game and there is this permanent noise coming from this things, you can’t listen to people singing anymore.