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Back to second Division

So Deportivo lost this Saturday to Valencia and got relegated to second Division. Yes, it was a very sad Saturday. I’m still trying to get used to it after twenty years playing in La Liga BBVA. There are many reasons why this happened, among them the referee mistake in Gijon one single point would have kept Deportivo in the Liga BBVA. Anyway Deportivo didn’t got relagated because of that mistake it was only one match and the Liga has thirty eight matches. Lotina was a losing coach, he didn’t had a clear eleven through the whole season, he played for the 0 – 0 and if lucky maybe winning the match because of some mistake.
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Our goalkeeper scores goals too

So we at Deportivo made history being the first Galician team to win the Liga, but now we have the first goalkeeper to score a goal in first division championship history.

Yes, after another horrendous, pitiful match away from Riazor in the 93 minute Aranzubia scores the goal that ties the match and helps keep Deportivo away from relegation. This was a crucial match. Almeria is also fighting against relegation and beating Deportivo would have shortened the points difference with us. Thanks to Aranzubia’s goal Almeria is still in the 19th position with twenty-one points and Deporivo keeps the distance having twenty-six points. Relegation will be a tough fight this year.

So here is the goal. Enjoy.

Forza Depor, oe!!!

Ten years after the Liga championship

We celebrate today the tenth aniversary of Deportivo Liga championship. It’s been ten years but I can still remember that night in Corunha and the Cuatro Caminos fountain. Around 200000 persons celabrating. It was revenge after Djukic missed penalty in the last minute six years before.

Now we live in a completely different reality. We have a huge debt and we no longer have world class players in our team. Anyway I celebrate Depor past victories and toast to the future ones that will surely come. Forza Depor, oe!

When are we going to win a match?

Make no mistake about it, I’m a Deportivo supporter. It can rain, snow, rain again, be first in the Liga, be last, sick or healthy and I’ll keep being a Deportivo fan. Last couple of matches(eleven to be exact) have me really worried. How is it possible to fall from the fourth position to in the first part of the Liga to be the worst team in the second part? It’s true that we had a bunch of injured players and Lafita and Verdú are not with us this season, but there must be something else. I just hope we win a match before the end of the season and that this doesn’t happens next on the next championship. Lets see what they do tomorrow against Mallorca in Riazor.