Back to second Division

So Deportivo lost this Saturday to Valencia and got relegated to second Division. Yes, it was a very sad Saturday. I’m still trying to get used to it after twenty years playing in La Liga BBVA. There are many reasons why this happened, among them the referee mistake in Gijon one single point would have kept Deportivo in the Liga BBVA. Anyway Deportivo didn’t got relagated because of that mistake it was only one match and the Liga has thirty eight matches. Lotina was a losing coach, he didn’t had a clear eleven through the whole season, he played for the 0 – 0 and if lucky maybe winning the match because of some mistake.

There was also a lack of goals. Only 31 goals in 38 matches is very little. Now we remember matches where we could have made the 45 points that would have saved us. Against Hercules in Alicante, at home against Sporting, Levante, Sevilla and so many more matches. Depor should be the fourth team Lotina relegates to second Division. Celta, Logroñes, Real Sociedad and now Deportivo were relegated to second division by Lotina.

Lotina is not the only one to be blamed, but he has most of the reponsability. Most of this seasons new players didn’t worked. Really funny is Javito case. On loan since December and didn’t played a single match because of contractual reasons.

More to come….

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