Quebrantahuesos 1

So Im in Sabiñanigo ready for my first Quebrantahuesos. Eight hour trip from Galicia, stop in Torrelavega for lunch. Arrived at 20:20 CEST yesterday. Im really nervous, Ive never made 200 kms. cycling, most Ive made is around 140 kms. Ive also never made so many meters climbing, but Im also really excited and motivated.

Cycling with 10000 other ciclist is something you dont do every day. Everyone has a different reason to go, mine is a personal goal, the will to go forward, get something done, finish the race no matter what it takes. Im already aware that weighting 85 kgs. and 1.80 mts Im not in the best shape. Ive done almost 2000 kms since January and went to Marcha Lobeira, Mirador de Ézaro and Rĩas do Morrazo among others. Not too demanding marches, but this year in Galicia it rained a lot.

Heres a small video that gives a brief idea of what QH is all about. Next post will about my feelings during the march.

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