Charlemagne on The Economist and Spain

I am subscribed to The Economist. Yes, it’s a conservative publication but I believe people should have open views.

I am going to take a few minutes to give my point of view on this weeks Charlemagne article. Asides from the fact of making the interview to Francisco Granados which has been involved on a espionage scandal. I believe the article is pretty accurate. Why simply passing an exam gives you the right to have a job for life? Why do public servant work from eight to three? That’s seven hours of work taking into account no time is taken to have a cup of coffee or anything else. Meanwhile most of the employees from private companies have to work eight hours. It is also funny the behavior of the unions. When unemployment is at 20% they didn’t said anything about a general strike, but when public servants salaries face a payment cut of 5% they go on a general strike. What about the rest of the society? Doesn’t it matters for the unions?

To me is quite easy. If your employer(which in the public servants case is the government) faces a deficit its employees (public servants) should do its part and accept a pay cut to control the deficit. The government deficit belongs to all of us. It is money that has to be paid with peoples taxes. Don’t we all take care of our finances? Well, then the government should also take care of its finances.

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  1. elena

    “To my is quite easy”. No sería mejor To me is quite easy?. Creo que lo escribiste mal.
    Por cierto no todos los que pasan una oposición trabajan 7 horas diarias, los hay que hacen más de 40 horas semanales, lease las enfermeras que aunque hacen turnos de 7, no libran más que como mucho 1 día a la semana y 1 fin de semana al mes.

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