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Project Euler 12

So I finished problem 12 from Project Euler. I made it via a brute force attack in Perl.

#!/usr/bin/env perl

use warnings;
use strict;

my $j = 0;
for (my $x=1; $x <= 1000000; $x++) {
        $j = $j + $x;
        my $dividend = 0;
        print "j is $j, x is $x and dividend is $dividend.\n";
        for (my $z=1; $z <= ($j + 1); $z++) {
                if ($j%$z == 0) {
                        $dividend = $dividend + 1;
                        print "$z is dividend of $j and $j has dividend $dividend.\n"; 
                        if ($dividend > 501) {
                                print "$z is dividend of $j and $j has dividend $dividend.\n"; 
                                exit; }

and with some logic in Python. The python script can be divided in three part, first we find the triangle number, then we calculate the numbers that factor the triangle number and place it into an array and the last step would be to calculate how many divisors the triangle number has.


import math

# Start the triangle by one
triangle = 0
for x in range(1, 100000):
        triangle = x*(x+1)/2
        #print "triangles is ", triangle

# We factor the triangle into prime numbers
        def primefactors(x):
                while loop<=x:
                        if x%loop==0:
                return factorlist
        #print primefactors(triangle)

# We calculate the number of divisors of the triangle number
        divisor = 1
        for z in set(primefactors(triangle)):
                #print "{0}\t{1}".format(z,primefactors(triangle).count(z))
                divisor = (primefactors(triangle).count(z) + 1) * divisor
                #print "Triangle", triangle," has ", divisor," divisors."
                if (divisor > 500):
                        print "Triangle", triangle," has ", divisor," divisors."

1) Integer Factorization
2) Triangular numbers
3) Number of divisors of a number

Project Euler problem 30

Below is the solution to problem 30 from Project Euler. It’s written in Python, a programming language I’m trying to learn.

#!/usr/bin/env python 
# Project Euler problem 30

narc_sum = 0
for number in range(100, 200000):
        # Transform the number into a string
        string = str(number)
        # Transform the string into a list
        lst = list(string)
        sum = 0 
        for i in range(len(lst)):
                # Add the members of the list to the fifth power
                sum = sum + (int(lst[i])**5)
        if (number == sum):
                # Add all numbers and store in narc_sum value
                narc_sum = narc_sum + number
                print "Sum is ",narc_sum